When Should I Pull Out a Loose Tooth?

Child’s Loose Tooth

When your child’s primary teeth begin to come loose and their permanent teeth erupt beneath them, it can be an uncomfortable experience. Many are tempted to go in and pluck the loose tooth out, in an effort to keep their child from swallowing a tooth when it comes out by itself. But is this a good idea?

The first thing to realize is that your child’s mouth is very delicate. Pulling out a tooth can do a lot of damage to the surrounding gum tissues. It’s not worthwhile to do this strictly to avoid swallowing a tooth, since a primary tooth can pass safely through your child’s system. In general, it is best to let a tooth come out when it is ready. You can always contact Overlake Dental for us to take a look and pull out the loose tooth.

Of course, sometimes a primary tooth can overstay its welcome. If it fails to come out soon enough, it can cause the permanent tooth to come in crooked. Should the permanent tooth start to appear under the primary tooth, it may be time to talk to our Bellevue dentist.