Need Dental Work? Make an Appointment with a Bellevue Dentist

When people are choosing their Bellevue dentist, they should look for a dentist that provides a wide range of dental services. Good oral health is part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s been shown that the same bacteria that attack a person’s gums can attack their heart as well. Dentists recommend that patients have a routine cleaning and dental checkup every six months to prevent bacterial gum infections. Our Bellevue dentist will also check a patient’s mouth for cancer. Finding this serious illness early, gives the patient the best chance of surviving it.

Routine checkups also give a patient the chance to discuss other dental matters with their Bellevue Dentist. They may be concerned that their teeth are yellow or that they are missing a tooth from a recent accident. Dr. Yu can tell them what their options are and describe the process in detail. That way the patient can understand the ways that they can achieve the smile the want. It may surprise them that they can have their teeth professionally whitened in only a single office visit. Dingy and yellow teeth can be made up to nine shades whiter.

Missing teeth are easily replaced with dental implants. The Bellevue dentist at Overlake Dental will take detailed x-rays to confirm that the patient’s jaw is strong enough to support an implant. The x-rays will also identify the location of nearby teeth, their roots and any nerves in the area. This helps the dentist place the dental implant in the correct location. It takes about six to eight weeks for the jaw to heal after the implant is inserted. During that time the jaw fully incorporates the implant. Once that process is complete, the implant is as integrated in the jaw as the original tooth root. A porcelain crown can then be fitted on top of it. The result is a natural looking tooth that fits the patient’s smile perfectly.