Proper Oral Hygiene: No Compromise

Living with Mouth Bacteria Everyday

Some dental experts say that the quality of life of patients can be impacted by their state of oral health. If oral health is compromised, quality of life suffers. Hence the importance of restorative, endodontic, orthodontic, periodontal, or oral surgical specialists. Likewise important are the procedures or highly sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and devices. But do these really improve the state of oral health? Yes, when the need arises they are vital helps, and even irreplaceable.

For the dental care professionals, preventive measures do more for oral health than curative procedures. By that, we mean hygiene of the mouth and all its structures. But if your regular dental appointments for the purpose of hygiene happen twice a year, or say, every three months, who looks after your hygiene in between those times?

Obviously it is your commitment to the practice of good oral hygiene that will keep your structures in their healthy state.

Proper and regular brushing, flossing and mouth rinses are specifically meant for bacteria in your mouth, which has been said as one of the dirtiest places you’ll ever know. Just ask your dentist. All the different types of food and drink we take in over the course of the day naturally leave remnants that cling to teeth, gums, tongue and other mouth structures.

They attract bacteria, very especially if they are starchy and sugary. Bacteria reproduce over a few hours only and pretty soon they will colonize in areas you don’t even see. Irregular or improper brushing can leave them untouched. Your next dental appointment might show cavities already. Indeed, dealing with mouth bacteria is a daily grind.

Expert Home Care Advice in Bellevue

This simply puts into focus the quality of your daily home care for the mouth. If you show up at your dentist’s clinic with periodontal disease, it means your home care has been very faulty. Every patient’s oral health is a direct reflection of their home care.

Proper oral hygiene at home is the cornerstone of good oral health. Experts will say so. Regular dental appointments are opportunities for you and your dentist for serious oral health discussions. The expert can give proper instructions on the manner of brushing and flossing, type of toothpaste and brush if need be, foods that should be part of your diet and which to avoid.

Our Bellevue dentist can also recommend procedures to be done to minimize or completely address risks that compromise your oral health, or that a medical condition that can impact your mouth health should be seen by a doctor.

Let our Bellevue dentist sit down with you for some really serious oral hygiene talk. It will serve you in good stead for as long as you want healthy teeth and gums.