Should I or Should I Not Brush My Teeth With Baking Soda?

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people are of the belief that one of the amazing benefits of baking soda is that it is good for teeth brushing. Today, even manufacturers of toothpaste put baking soda into their formulas. However, there are advantages and disadvantages when using baking soda to clean teeth.

Advantages of baking soda for oral health:

  • It is readily available almost anywhere and also inexpensive. A box can last you a long time and can be used for other things, not just for tooth brushing.
  • It can clean your teeth because it is a light abrasive; it’s effective in scrubbing away dental plaque that’s accessible
  • It can also lighten the color of teeth by scrubbing away new surface stains, like those of coffee, red wine, nicotine, to a certain degree
  • It can prevent tooth decay and limit plaque buildup because it remineralizes the enamel and neutralizes acid
  • It can help stave off gum disease because of its ability to limit plaque buildup which causes gum issues.

Disadvantages of baking soda for oral health:

  • It’s messy using baking soda powder to brush your teeth. The powder can get onto your clothes, the counter, or your face. That is why toothpaste manufacturers incorporate it into their products instead.
  • It feels very gritty in the mouth and can leave an unpleasant feeling of the powder substance.
  • It does not contain fluoride, which is essential in fighting bacteria and acid in dental plaque.
  • Fluoride is better in remineralizing the enamel, making it strong and preventing cavity formation.
  • It can lead to damaged enamel if it is used too often. It can be used a few times a week or on occasion only. It can also cause enamel damage if you are in the habit of brushing too vigorously.

If you think that the benefits of using baking soda for brushing outweigh its disadvantages, then confirm with your dentist. Anyway, according to the Journal of Clinical Dentistry (June 2008), brushing teeth with baking soda products was more effective than using products without baking soda.


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