Why Do I Have Dry Mouth While Pregnant?

Causes and Remedies

Pregnancy for the expectant comes with many side effects that can either be tolerable or very cumbersome to deal with. Some would be unexpected or surprising, situations you have never experienced before and you might not know how to deal with them. From those many side-effects, a lesser known symptom is actually quite common. It’s dry mouth.

What are the symptoms of dry mouth in pregnancy?

One sign is the constant soreness of the throat, a kind of burning sensation there. It may also encompass the entire mouth. As a result you might suffer from hoarseness and have difficulty swallowing. Another symptom is dryness inside your nose. This can be bothersome as the inside of your nose is almost always wet. Speaking may become difficult. You might also experience an altered sense of taste.

What causes dry mouth during pregnancy?

A major culprit is dehydration. You can lose a lot of water while pregnant, a lot more than if you are not pregnant. Water helps in your baby’s development. Insufficient hydration may harm your baby and, in severe cases, may cause developmental defects.

Signs that you are dehydrated are any of the following: extreme thirst, overheating, headache and dizziness, fatigue, and dark yellow urine.

Hence, drink more water everyday. Hydrate yourself well because it also hydrates your baby. This way you can counter dry mouth.

Do you have sleep concerns while pregnant?

You may have difficulty falling asleep or have insomnia. If you snore or have sleep apnea, you are likely sleeping open-mouthed, breathing through your mouth, which causes mouth dryness.

Another cause of dry mouth is your shifting hormones. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that may narrow your throat and nasal passages causing difficulty in breathing.

If you ask your dentist, here are some home remedies that may be prescribed for you.

  • Drink water during meals, or liquids at room temperature only
  • Do not take carbonated drinks, like softdrinks, or beverages loaded with sugar
  • Try chewing on sugarless gum or candy
  • Avoid mouthwash with alcohol content


More Tips for Pregnant Patients by Bellevue Dentist

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