Tips for Best Foods for Babies’ and Toddlers’ Teeth

What’s Best To Eat and Drink

Do you wonder about the best diet for your kids to ensure they stay safe from cavities and tooth decay?

Here are the best tips for babies, from 0 to 2 years old.

  • Only milk and water are best for babies, as far as drinks. Avoid juices, soda, fizzy drinks, and any other sweetened drinks.
  • Foods that are sweet should be restricted during mealtimes; there should be no in-between snacking of sweets, and certainly none before bedtime.
  • Snacks that are safe are those without sugar. Try fruits, cheese, breadsticks, plain yogurt, or veggies.
  • Before bed at night, gently wipe baby’s gums and teeth with soft cloth, or if they are a little older, brush their teeth gently.
  • Milk or water may be given before bed. If it is milk, best to dilute it gradually over a few weeks until it is just water.
  • From 6 months up, start feeding your baby from a cup and cease feeding from the bottle by 12 months of age.
  • When shopping for baby foods and drinks, inspect labels first for sugar loads. Watch out for syrups, glucose, fructose, honey, and the like.

Here are the best for toddlers, 3 to 5 years old.

  • Three meals a day and two snacks seem practical; however, it should follow a schedule, it should be low- sugar for snacks, and just milk or water for drinks.
  • Even if they are older, there should still be no soft drinks, juices, or anything with added sugar as much as possible. Fresh fruit, dairy, and veggies are best.
  • Sometimes, consuming sugary treats and drinks can happen. As long as they are allowed sparingly, there is no need for worry.

Parents and guardians must teach kids to appreciate non-sugary food and drinks. They must also be taught proper oral hygiene. They also must have regular checkups with their pediatric dentist, who can guide and oversee their oral health development through the years.


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