What You Can do If Your Teeth are Sensitive to Cold – Part One

Management Tips From Dentists

Did you feel a sudden jolt in your mouth, a sharp stab that’s inexplicably painful, gone as fast as it came? And you were just taking a bite out of your ice cream. There’s a tooth or teeth somewhere that’s sensitive. What has caused it?

The Enamel

Your tooth’s outer protective covering – the enamel – is compromised. A part of it has worn down or thinned out, so much so that the cold stimulus penetrated the enamel and reached the inside of your tooth. The next layer is the dentin which has many nerve endings that react to the cold. Cold foods, drinks, or even a cold burst of air can irritate the nerves, This is what is known as tooth sensitivity.

What can you do to manage the sensitivity.

You should go see your dentist for consultation. But if that isn’t an option just yet, here are some dentist-approved tips to deal with cold sensitivity triggers on a daily basis.

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