Watching Out for Bleachorexia

“Bleachorexia” may sound like a made-up word, but it is a legitimate and serious problem that some people struggle with. It is the name that is given to an unhealthy fixation that some people develop on whitening their teeth. These “bleachorexics” become so obsessed with maintaining a pristine smile that they put their oral health in serious jeopardy.

When done right, whitening can be perfectly healthy and an effective way to foster a beautiful smile. However, the chemicals used in tooth whiteners, particularly at-home products that are not used under the supervision of a dental professional, are harsh and abrasive. If you fail to allow for enough time between your whitenings, these chemicals can irritate your gums and encourage recession. In extreme cases, your tooth enamel will start to break down, becoming brittle and sensitive. Eventually, your beautiful white teeth will become translucent and blue.

With this in mind, make sure that you give your teeth the whitening they deserve. A professional, in-office procedure is the best way to assure lasting results that will not compromise your oral health. Contact our Bellevue dentist for safe and effective treatment.