The Best Time To See The Dentist During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Dentist Visits

Pregnant women often wonder if it is safe to see their dentist. How will it affect their baby? Experts say it is not just safe to see the dentist but it is highly recommended to do so. Pregnant women also have issues that need to be addressed to ensure the oral health of both mother and child.

Generally, routine examinations and cleanings are recommended. Any major dental procedure or other unnecessary treatment is better postponed after the delivery. Certainly it is safest that before your pregnancy, see your dentist so that x-rays and other treatment can be planned and undertaken.

Your first 13 weeks of pregnancy, or the first trimester, is a critical period when your baby’s major organs are under development. During this time, only check-ups and routine cleaning are allowed. If possible, you should not have anesthesia, surgery or drugs. By week 14 to 20, the second trimester, elective dental treatment can be considered. This is the quietest and safest time during a woman’s pregnancy.

The third trimester, which is from the 25th week and before childbirth, is a difficult time for the mother. Her body is heavier, sitting in the dental chair can be uncomfortable for her; likewise, her baby’s placenta at this time is very susceptible to outside factors. In acute conditions like tooth pain and infection that can cause stress to mother and child, the appropriate treatment can be carried out. Otherwise, it is recommended to postpone planned operations or procedures after delivery.

During any time in a pregnancy dental treatment can be done, though there are more suitable times than others. However, in the event of a dental emergency, such as one involving an infection, you must see your dentist promptly. In cases of preventive therapy – such as cleaning, fluoride application, fissure sealants, and others, your dentist can apply modifications to keep you and your baby safe. Taking dental x-rays come with shielding, as per the ADA guidelines.

When seeing your dentist at any time while expecting, you must mention the medicines you are taking and any specific instructions of your physician. This will guide your dentist to better have the best possible care for you and your baby. Nonetheless, sticking to your oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist at least twice during your pregnancy, significantly decreases the risk of infection.


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