The Problems with Dental Grills

A dental grill is an unconventional piece of jewelry that has been popularized by hip-hop culture. It comes in the form of a fixture, often made with jewels and precious metals, that fits over the front of your teeth. People enjoy these grills as an extravagant fashion accessory, but they represent a significant hazard to your oral health.

One of the big problems with a grill is that they are yet another surface for bacteria and plaque to thrive on. Further, having a mouth full of hard metals and faceted gemstones is irritating to your delicate gum tissues. Some models may even bring about an allergic reaction, if they contain a nickel impurity.

If you wear a grill, it is important that you are mindful of its effect on your mouth. Try not to wear it at all times, and clean it regularly. If you notice any swelling, redness, or pain while you wear your grill, make an appointment with our Bellevue dentistry clinic.