Dental Care Following a Stroke

A stroke is never a pleasant experience, and it can have long-lasting implications for many aspects of your life. Your dental care is no exception. You will likely find that you will need to take certain measures to maintain proper oral health following your stroke.

First of all, many people who suffer a stroke experience decreased manual dexterity or weakness in their extremities. This means that you may have trouble with your daily oral hygiene routine. You might benefit from an electric toothbrush or a flossing tool to compensate for this. In some of the milder cases, you might just need to wrap your brush in a cloth so that it’s easier to grip.

When it comes time to visit our Bellevue dentist again, bring along a list of any medication that you may have been prescribed following your stroke. Drugs like anticoagulants can be problematic during many dental procedures, as they promote excessive bleeding. It also helps to make sure that we have the contact information for your doctor in the event that you have any new problems during your visits.